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Growth Hacks

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Our Approach

The life hacks and personal development techniques are derived from decades of experience helping others, both in recovery and through personal development books and personal growth & development seminars. The growth hacking techniques we teach are tried & tested. Personally utilized in our day to day lives, we never teach theory.  If we can change the trajectory of one person’s life, help them realize their true purpose and give them the tools which will allow them to step into their light. . It’s all worth while..

Meet the Team

We live by the model that if you help enough people get the things that they want out of life, you will get what you want.
Time & time again we have seen this model work. By helping others conquer their fears, become more than they could ever imagine and showing them to teach others to do the same, this perpetual movement is set in motion.

Growing Paynes

Growing paynes

Leisa Payne

Founder & CEO



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